Security flaw allows hackers to claim ownership over Skype accounts

POSTED BY on Nov 14 under Mobile & Web News

Russian hackers have found a way to hack Skype accounts using the tied to the account email address.

When someone knows the email of a Skype account, it can be used to create a new account. Because the email address is already used Skype cannot create a new account. The problem is that by doing so, the hacker is allowed to get a reset password token which is sent to the Skype application.

This will allow the hacker to redeem and eventually claim the ownership over the account.

It seems that the only way to avoid this security flaw is to change the Skype email address.

Skype has released a statement that says the company has reported the security flaw and that as a precautionary measure Skype has disabled password reset while the investigation is running.

Skype added that safety and user experience is their first priority.


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