ScanMed with QR Codes that contain vital medical information

POSTED BY on Feb 12 under QR Codes

ScanMed is a leading medical alert technology provider that is making use of QR Codes for some time and now has developed an emergency medical alert system that is entirely based on QR Codes.

The QR CardSuite was recently introduced with ScanMed stating that it is the first service of its kind in the industry.

The QR CardSuite contains vital medical information about its owner, so health care and emergency professionals can scan the QR Codes and access the information which can be vital in the care of the particular patient.

Other services that are making use of QR Codes normally require the user to create its own online profile and fill the information himself before gaining the code. ScanMed allows users to generate the QR Code and then associate the medical information with the code.

This allows them to change the information without having to receive a new QR Code everytime they update their medical information.

ScanMed’s QR Codes can only be accessed through the ScanMed app, so the codes do not function with all scanning apps, which is limiting their usefulness for those that are not willing to buy a new scanner, especially when there are so many free alternatives to choose from.


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