Scammers using QR Codes to clickjack users

POSTED BY on Dec 11 under QR Codes

If you want to share a link, QR Codes are very handy, but unfortunately scammers are aware that they are also a good way to lure users into opening links that they should not.

Warren Sealey from Symantec states that scammers are using the codes anywhere they can, placing their QR Code stickers on top of the reliable ones on signs, posters and traffic areas.

It is a clever trick, as many who use QR Code applications do not have a clue about the security threats.

Some people that are less tech-savvy do not think twice when snapping a QR Code with their mobile device and not all scanning applications are offering any kind of security.

Without protection, all it takes for the user is to click and to be redirected.

The problem is that is very difficult to tell if the QR Code is legitimate or a replacement just by looking, as QR Code stickers are used for actual promotions.

It not that only criminals are placing the QR Codes on store windows, signs and telephone poles, but shop owners, marketers and bands are doing it too.

This is not a new problem though, a year ago an Android malware was discovered spreading via QR Codes.

We are suggesting users to download a QR Code scanner application that checks the URL’s.


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