QRide sticker contains your vital medical information

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QR Code stickers for helmets, called QRide has been announced at the Roanoke Festival.

The idea was developed by a cyclist and it is very simple, QRide is a QR Code the contains all the medical information needed in case of emergency.

The stickers can be placed on the bicycle or on the helmet in case the bike and the rider are separated.

The codes are allowing more data to be stored that the emergency bracelets with the information printed on them and in addition there is no chance to forget the helmet.

The QRide stickers are available only through the company’s webpage and customers will receive their stickers after they fill the necessary information and send it via email.

The online emergency ID record will be activated after that.

At any time the emergency and personal information can be updated, as long as the QRide sticker exists.

The QRide stickers cost $20 and are available in 2 sizes.

Source: roanokeoutside.com

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