QR Codes providing real time bus arrival data in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania’s Center Area Transportation Authority announced that it will include QR Codes on the bus stops.

Commuters will be able to use the codes, added to the signage at the busiest routes. When the code is scanned it will provide real time bus arrival information.

As the provided data is always up to date, it takes into account whether the bus is on schedule or not or if it has been delayed due to detours, traffic jams or emergencies.

A video will soon be uploaded on the CATA’s webpage, demonstrating how the QR Codes work.

The guide will be available in the video section on the site, where there are a few more that offer commuters tips for using the CATA mobile platform.

CATA is also releasing a real time bus tracking application, created in partnership with Appek LLC, which is available for Android and iOS free of charge.

The application allows users to view route maps, current location of the buses and bus stops.

Source: qrcodepress.com

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