QR Codes on monthly billing statements

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Sawnee EMC has included QR Codes on their monthly billing statements, which when scanned with a tablet or smartphone device are leading the user to a customer service website.

Sawnee EMC stated that the addition of the service is a nod to the increased use of mobile devices among associates.

The company is receiving comments that suggest to have a mobile link to the billing website to make it easier to make payments.

Once the users lands on the service website, they can pay bills, explore detailed energy use and learn about energy savings.

The QR Code is the latest service for mobile customers, as an application is allowing them to view details on their bills, notify the company about a street light issues or report an outage.

As people are constantly on the go, the QR Code is saving time from having to write down a web address and typing it, while the scan takes the user to any website immediately by simply tapping the screen.

Source: ect.coop

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