QR Codes in P.E. Class

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In Virginia, the Chesterbrook Elementary school placed QR Codes throughout a quarter-mile path along the playground as a way to make exercise fun. At the beginning of the P.E. Class the kids are given iPods and iPads which they use to scan the codes and are directed to videos that shows them how to do different activities.

To assure that the children are well-balanced the codes are in four colors blue, yellow, red and green. QR codes in blue work the core, yellow tackles flexibility, red the upper body and green the lower body. Each video describes the exercise and includes a demonstration.

Including the codes into fitness made the children enjoy P.E. Class more and encourage them to become active participants.

The Chesterbrook Elementary have been using QR Codes before. They placed them under students artwork in the hallways so people can learn about the artists’ inspiration.

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