QR Codes guard against illegitimate certificates

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The Quality Assurance International is a certifier of gluten-free and organic products, which has added QR Codes to its products certificates as an additional security layer for certified companies.

The codes are added to guard against illegitimate certificates and ensure authenticity, problems that are experienced by other organizations.

Falsely certified products as organic by the United States Department of Agriculture are violating the federal organic standards and the law.

Each certificate that Quality Assurance International issues now has a QR Code included, which is unique to the company’s certificate.

To validate the certificate, inspectors, regulators and customers can scan the code and will be linked to the company’s certificate listing and product information on the QAI’s webpage.

QAI certified products also include the QR Code on the packaging and their product labels, providing assurance to customers that the product they are buying is certified organic.

The Quality Assurance International is the first to include QR Codes for authentication of the organic products that clients are producing.

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