QR Codes can provide those considering abortion one last chance to rethink their decision

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In June 28, The Cleveland Right to Life Education Fund is to launch a new project to get life in the womb to those considering abortion through smartphones.

Truth Booth, a kiosk in public venues across Canada and the US, is showing ultrasound images and videos of the child in the womb.

The Right to Life Fund is using QR Codes to extend the reach of its campaign to those who need comfort the most.

The activists are providing a chance to rethink their decision to those considering abortion.

When the QR Code is scanned it directs the users to a 3 minute video showing ultrasound of a developing child.

Statistics are showing that many women that have considered an abortion and see the ultrasound eventually choose life.

The video has already been seen by millions through the Truth Booth at community fairs, malls, private and public arenas and schools.


The QR Codes are providing information about pregnancy and prenatal development in a visual form, as people are processing images and videos better than confrontation.


As the company states, the Truth Booth has a positive impact on many women finding it hard to come up with the most important decision of their life.

Through the QR Code, the impact have the potential to reach even more women worldwide through their smartphones.

The QR Code is available for downloading at the Right to Life Fund’s website.


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