QR Codes brings the history of Marshfield town back to life

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A large number of buildings in Marshfield, Wisconsin are displaying QR Codes to help tourists and locals to discover the history of the city.

The codes are placed on 60 different locations around the city.

Some of them are resolving to stories that give a basic information of the area and others provide links that offer a more specific history of the structure or the location within Marshfield.

The Marshfield Historic Preservation Committee provided the funding of the project.

The project itself is another way to signify to people that this is a significant business, as they scan the QR Code they will be directed to a website where they can learn additional information about the specific location.

At this point there are 60 QR Codes in the project, on Central Avenue alone there are over 25 buildings that are displaying QR Codes, and it is planned to add 15 more by the end of the month.

Each QR Code in the project costs around $15 monthly for the creation and further support.

The Committee states that the project is worthwhile and it will help educate people of the history of the city.

Source: qrcodepress.com

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