QR Code stickers on watermelons

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An Italian fruit producer, Malcasi Agostino added QR Code stickers to its Cuoredolce baby watermelons to provide customers with more information on its products and encourage them to make an informed decisions.

Based in Manitova, Italy, the company produces a variety of watermelon sorts, however, the Cuoredolce is the one who gets the QR Code sticker.

When the code is scanned, customers can discover that the baby watermelons have a refreshing, sweet flavor from their red colored flesh.

Each watermelon weight between 1 and 2.5 kilograms, they are packed in cartons of 10 kilos and each carton contains up to 6 products.

The watermelons are positioned so that the QR Code stickers are faced upward, so the customers can scan the codes.

Many other vegetable and fruit producers and growers have adopted the technology to give their customers more information on the products, storage, nutritional information or recipes.

Source: freshplaza.com

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