QR Clock? Would you buy it?

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As we all know, the clock is a perfect tech and you could buy one for a few dollars and keep accurate time for a very long time without even replacing the battery.

Any improvement on the clock’s design will only make it harder to read.

Ch00f Industries, decided to create an unreadable clock. They came up with a QR Coded clock that is impossible to read by a human.

It is build around nine LED panels that result in a 24×24 pixel display, perfectly showing a 21 px QR Code.

The microcontroller is way too small to store QR Codes for every minute, which is 1440 QR Codes a day, so the project had to generate QR Codes dynamically.

Ch00f build a huge program, which is turning the alphanumeric order into QR Codes, so the microcontroller is generating a new code for each minute.

It is not possible for a human to read the clock, but Ch00f make the project tottaly useless by combining the LEDs at a low duty cycle, which the camera could not capture and so could not read the QR Code.


Source: youtube.com

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