PetHub ID tag using QR Codes for finding lost pets

POSTED BY on May 22 under QR Codes

The Digital ID pet tag include QR Codes, CPS notifications, a free hotline and shelter alerts while helping non-profit organizations raise money.

As the animal shelters, health and rescues non-profits all over the US continue to struggle in a down economy, the company announced a new campaign designed to raise funds for any organization to work to make the lives of the pets better and to create an ID tag with brand’s logo and messaging. PetHub not only supports the organizations to generate incomes, but offers the most comprehensive and fast solution to find lost pets and bring them home.

On every PetHub ID tag there is a printed QR Code, free hotline and a unique webpage that gives instant access to pet’s contact information.

When a non-profit gain sponsorship, the PetHub tags are available for purchase by the organization at a cost. The company will create unique digital ID pet tags and messaging helping the organization to keep all incomes from the sponsorship.

The PetHub ID is giving pet owners a safe and fast way to get their lost pets home. The PetHub ID tag provides instant access to critical information such as necessary medication, immunizations, allergies, contacts, insurance providers and much more. Unlike microchips, the PetHub can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone. The tag is engraved and waterproof and includes free data storage and 24/7 free hotline.

Pet owner can also order one of the company’s premium subscriptions that include email notifications, GPS mapping, shelter alerts and a $3,000 medical insurance.


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