PayPal is testing a QR Code services in the Netherlands

POSTED BY on Nov 26 under QR Codes

PayPal has announced that it will expand to international markets as part of its Shop&Pay On The Go services.

The new services will be using QR Codes at stores to allow users to scan the codes posted on shop windows, billboards and posters and pay for their purchases with their existing PayPal account.

Back in February PayPal’s QR Code services was released in Singapore and now it is brought to shop windows in Amsterdam.

PayPay states that The Nine Streets shopping district will allow potential customers to use the PayPal account on their iPhone to scan QR Codes at various restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, art and culture stores.

The service is similar to the current mobile application called Local, which provides a list of local stores using PayPal Here in which consumers can check in and pay using the application, instead of cash or a credit/debit card.

Merchants can request the PayPal Here POS in their store by filling out a PayPal application.

PayPal CEO states that the QR Code service will help the company to pave its way to the international markets and that the QR Code and the other features of PayPal will be among the many ways for the customers to shop offline and online anywhere the want.

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