Ofcom is planning 5G wireless services in the UK

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Ofcom has announced that it is planning 5G services, that will ensure that the United Kingdom can meet the mobile data growth expected by 2030, even though it did not hold the auctions for 4G.

Ofcom has forecasted that in the United Kingdom the demand for mobile data in 2030 could be eighty times higher than it is now.

The company has also underlined that the UK spectrum holdings must prepare themselves to face the challenge.

Ofcom has plans to use a 700MHz band for the services.

This spectrum is used for digital television services, but Ofcom states that its data usage services will not require another switch as the spectrum could be used with the existing one.

In the coming months Ofcom will hold the largest UK auction of mobile spectrum for 4G, but that may not be sufficient to meet future data demands, which is why the company is already working to go beyond 4G.

The plan is designed to avoid a capacity critical point, ensuring that the mobile infrastructure will be able to continue to support the unavoidable increase in user demand and economic increase in general.

The plan to avoid conflict between spectrum use will see some of the digital TV frequencies moved to the 600MHz band.

The 5G push from Ofcom is coming after the UK government has announced £35 million in funding for the Surrey University to research 5G services.

Source: freedom-mobiles.com

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