Nestle with AR promotion on the Kit Kat packaging

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Nestle announced a new AR (augmented reality) campaign on its Kit Kat packaging, which will allow consumers to play football virtually with their smartphone.

By scanning the wrapper with Blippar, a free AR application, the users will access the football game table of Euro 2012, where they have to achieve a high score by saving maximum shots as possible.

The scores will be announced to the game’s league board and one player will be chosen randomly to win €2,012.

The digital content will be included on multipacks, poster ads and POS displays.

For the fourth time Nestle is working with Blippar and suggest that the technology is accepted very well by the customers.

Previously, the campaigns included Kit Kat’s “Nana’s Pearls of Wisdom”, “Shreddies” and “Choose a Chunky Champion”.

The AR usage has become very common in advertising and marketing campaigns, but we have seen only a few statistics over customer’s involvement.

The AR technology is very similar to QR codes, which marketers are using effectively, but still the customers appear to uptake them slowly.

The main barrier is the fact that there is no universal application compatible with every AR campaign. Net-A-Porter, for example, signed up with Aurasma, Billabong uses Zappar for its AR campaigns, while US Pillsbury is running their campaign with Shazam, however Blippar is slowly starting to climb to the top of the competition.

UK brands have already experimented with Blippar application in the past few months and Nestle is confident that the Blippar is the best of the AR applications.

Nestle is creating a long term partnership with Blippar by signing up for multiple campaigns, which proves that the app is popular with customers.


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