Mobile application allows users to provide proof of age

POSTED BY on Jun 22 under Mobile & Web News

In the UK smartphones are used not only for shopping and communicating, but some mobile applications are allowing the users to provide proof of age to some venues.

The technology involves a sticker attached to the handset and contains the data connected with the user’s fingerprint.
To access the information, the sticker must be held over one of the readers Touch3ID, located at some venues and the user’s status can be verified.
The system has passed the pilot project over a two year period and it is rolled out for public use.

The program is aiming people between 18 and 25 years old. The sticker can be obtained at post offices, where people who want to engage with the program have to bring their data and give a fingerprint to receive the sticker.

The sticker is part of an expanding campaign to decrease underage drinking.


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