Microsoft updates 13 million sq km of Bing Maps

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

Microsoft has revealed that it has updated 13 million sq km of its Bing Maps imagery.

With the update, the imagery is comprised of 15 meters per pixel, giving the images high resolution look.

Users are now able to zoom in to the imagery up to 13 times, at which point further zooming will show high resolution images.

More details will also be visible in particular locations thanks to the cloud reduction technology that will remove clouds from where they are present, revealing more details below.

The satellite imagery is provided by Terra Color and underwater topography is also been included.

Because of the new feature, oceans will have coloring to indicate mounds and depths of the ocean floor, providing more details than before.

The update also includes a release of Global Ortho imagery that provides 100% US and 90% of Western Europe coverage.

Global Ortho imagery are orthophotos in high resolution taken from an airplane.



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