Microsoft sued over lack of storage in their Surface tablet

POSTED BY on Nov 15 under Mobile & Web News

Andrew Sokolowski, a Los Angeles lawyer, is suing Microsoft over lack of storage in their Surface tablet.

He states that the tablet does not have all the storage space that Microsoft advertized.

Sokolowski bought a 32 GB tablet a few days ago and soon found out that his new Surface quickly ran out of space after loading some Word documents and music.

He also states that only 16 GB space was left for him to use and the other half was used by the operating system and a few applications.

He filed the lawsuit at the Los Angeles superior court claiming that Microsoft has been falsely advertising and is running unfair practices.

Microsoft has responded to the accusation, stating that customers do understand that the OS and the preinstalled apps are residing on the device’s internal storage and so reducing the total space.

There were reviews of the Surface tablet all over the internet, that is noted that the Windows 8 operating system is consuming almost the half of its overall storage space and there were advices to the readers to buy the 64 GB microSD card, in case the remaining 16 GB are not enough for the user.


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