Microsoft seeks ban over Google Maps in Germany

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If you live in Germany and you rely on Google Maps, you probably might want to start looking for an alternative, as Microsoft is very close at getting a ban against the mapping application.

A FOSS Patents report is revealing that it is likely that Microsoft will be obtaining a ban against Google Maps after the German MMI subsidiary is liable for violation of a Microsoft patent.

The patent in question is described as a system for identifying resources and methods for that.

However the ruling has not been made yet, but assuming that Microsoft succeeds, Google will be forced to shut down Google Maps in Germany for both mobile and web access.

It is speculated that the worst case scenario would be that Google might be forced to stop distributing Google Chrome unless it blocks the access to the mapping platform from the browser.

The injunction of course might be a tactic to force Google to license the patent, which is likely to happen, as Microsoft has said that it is a way to end the war.

Google on the other hand is arguing that their mapping system is too important to shut down considering that over 4 million Germans is using and relying on it.

Google is also claiming that by shutting down Google Maps, it might cause irreparable damage as users could switch to alternative mapping platform, such as Bing Maps and may never return to Google.

The final ruling is expected in about two months.

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