Layar Creator to turn printed pages into a digital portal

POSTED BY on Jun 7 under AzonMobile

One of the best companies in the augmented reality system for tablets and smartphones, Layar, is setting its sights on empowering an inactive technology with AR – print.

The web-based Layar Creator application turns printed pages into digital portal. The main idea is to make the content of print magazines interactive.


The application is designed with a drag-and-drop interface, very easy to use and allows the user to add social media content, video, links and also added a “buy” button.


The interface is working similar to QR Codes, as they are very handy in quickly taking the customer to the website where they can find the information they need or to buy an item.


However the company’s image recognition system is build into the Layar Creator and the user don’t have to include a QR Code or anything else on the page, as it is the key to the content itself.

Layar has been working in augmented reality system for 3 years and launching the Layar Creator is the high point of their work.

The company is launching the application for free until 1st of August and when it become a paid service, there will be to be a different pricing structures and free ad-supported features.



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