iPhone 5 to include an NFC chip

POSTED BY on May 21 under AzonMobile

International Business Times has shown a report which states that the next Apple iPhone (known in the press as the iPhone 5) will include an NFC chip, the same that Google is using for its Google Wallet app on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Any smartphone with the NFC chip can be used to pay for products contactless, as the radio range is short, they are considered to be very secure.

Not only iPhone 5 users will be able to make payments with the new phones, but they will also be able to securely transfer digital files between users.

Reselling digital music is not much of an option, as the DRM (Digital Rights Management) is protecting the music you buy digitally and often the copyrighted file you’re transferring to another device can result in the file being inaccessible and unplayable.

Apple’s “Gifting” solution will allow iPhone 5 users to exchange files bought from iTunes through the NFC technology, erasing the file from your device and placing it to the new owner’s iOS gadget.

NFC will work very well the iWallet, Apple’s latest patent, which is described as something similar to the Google Wallet.



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