Invisible QR Code to increase security on documents

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To increase the security on documents and reduce the possibility of imitation, an invisible QR Code has been created by researchers as an attempt to resolve a problem that costs private industries and governments billions a year.

The researchers from South Dakota’s University of Mines and Technology believe that the invisible QR Code can be used as a virtual authentication of any object.

The code is made out of nano particles combined with green and blue fluorescence ink, which is visible only when illuminated with laser light.

The code is generated and printed onto any surface using a jet printer.

The QR Code will add a new level of security over imitation methods as the production method is very complex and it makes i difficult to replicate.

The inks also allow researchers to experiment with symbols and characters in different sizes and colors, varying from macroscopic to microscopic and by embedding them into the code increases further the security level.

The invisible QR Code can keep much more information than a standard barcode that is used in marketing and advertising.

The nano particles in the invisible QR Code are mechanically and chemically stable, which means that the code can resist the strains and stresses of being printed on paper.

To prove this, the researchers printed a QR Code on paper and then folded it randomly multiple times, and the code was still scannable.

The invisible code can be printed on flexible film and glass, which demonstrates the applicability to a variety of commercial goods.

The invisibility of the code is also beneficial, as it will not interfere with the appearance of the product.

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