InstaWiFi app allows you to share access to WiFi connection via QR Codes and NFC

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The InstaWiFi application allows you to share access to your WiFi connection via QR Codes and NFC tags, making it faster option than typing passwords.

The process is very simple and takes just a few minutes and the result is worth it.

First you install the InstaWiFi application on your Android tablet or smartphone, open the application and choose QR Code or NFC.

Two notes from the developer: the app will ask for root on launch and that will automatically take your password so you don’t need to type it manually. Root access is not required. Share the QR Code with caution, as your WiFi password is embedded in the QR Code image and should be used to share with people you trust.

How to use it with a QR Code:

After the password is saved, minimize or close the keyboard and a message will pop up saying that the image is updated, then choose how to share the code – to Facebook, e-mail or website. When the code is scanned, it will give access to your wireless network connection.


How to use it with NFC:

Tap the NFC image to enter a physical tag. Make sure your device is NFC enabled before tapping. After that users can tap their NFC devices to the tag to connect to your network.


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