Hyundai to incorporate NFC for keyless start to its vehicles

POSTED BY on Jan 10 under Mobile & Web News

Hyundai has announced that is planning to incorporate NFC to its vehicles in an innovative way.

NFC technology could easily replace the need of a physical key in a form of a keyless start functions for vehicles.

The driver must simply tap their mobile device to the car handle to unlock the door, the functionality is similar to the NFC keyless entry platforms that are based on RFID proximity technology.

Similarly, the driver must tap their mobile device to the dashboard of the car to start the engine.

Hyundai has announced that they have interest in the NFC keyless concept and also states that NFC solution for keyless entry and start functions are planned for the 2015 model.

By using a mobile device for keyless entry and remote start of the engine is nothing new, as Viper has already offered such functionality.

Hyundai’s platform would likely to be the first of its kind to be provided from a car manufacturer.

Exact plans on how the technology will be implemented and what devices will be certified are to be determined.



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