HTC filled a lawsuit against Apple

POSTED BY on Jul 23 under Mobile & Web News

For years, the tech industry has been haunted by lawsuits and now HTC is adding one more to the never ending list.

HTC has filled a suit against Apple in Florida alleging for patent infringement.

HTC has refused to elaborate, as the case is already in formal litigation stage.

In statement to a Taiwanese newspaper  HTC is stating that Apple’s iPhone, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are infringing on two patents that HTC had acquired from Hewlett-Packard in 2011.

Two weeks ago, the UK court ruled in favor of HTC, stating that 3 of the 4 patent raised by Apple are invalid and the 4th was not violated by HTC.

Apple on the other hand is involved in patent lawsuits with Samsung, NoiseFree and Motorola.

Samsung and Apple have over 30 cases in 10 different countries against one another, which are wasting millions on what can only be seen as attempt to prevent competition to move ahead.


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