Google is releasing Chrome for Windows 8

POSTED BY on Jun 12 under Mobile & Web News

Google is attempting to make its browser operate with Windows 8 and it is quite good, because it is ignoring some of Microsoft’s Metro mandates.

A few months ago, Mozilla and Google were about to release versions of Firefox and Chrome developed for Windows 8 and both companies are testing and getting ready for Windows 8′s release date.

To access Chrome’s Windows 8′s Metro style, the user has to subscribe and download it from the Chrome’s Dev channel.

Once the user has set up Chrome as a default browser and pin it to the Start screen, it’s good to go.

The Chrome browser is far from the IE10, as IE10 is way different from IE9. The latest version of Chrome is ignoring some of the design ideas on the Windows 8.

Win key + Z or a right-click there should be an application bar at the bottom, but instead Google placed a traditional menu in the top right corner that displays app changes and settings.

Chrome is including Flash Player build into the browser, that allows viewing of all kinds of Flash content, just like IE10, except that IE10 is using an approved list of websites and content, when  Google Chrome is displaying everything.


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