Google announced its Map Coordinate application

POSTED BY on Jun 25 under Mobile & Web News

Google introduced their new service for businesses to allow companies to organize workers, collect work and location data on the go.

The application is named Google Maps Coordinate and it provides information of the location of the workers in real time.

The web and mobile version of the application will give the companies the advantage to track and update the process of the assigned tasks to the mobile workers.

Google stated that the companies can use the new system for $15 monthly and can keep a record of everyone’s location and share the information.

The application is combining the Google Maps power with modern handsets to help the companies to organize staff more effectively.

Once the employee downloads the application on their handset they can share their location every 5 seconds or at 1 hour intervals.

Now, employees can update their location via SMS, but Google is planning allow users to upload photos.


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