Dutch company embroider QR Codes

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LogoBourduurstudio, a Netherlands based company is making use of an embroidery machine controlled by a computer to produce cloth made up of QR Codes.

This is making it possible to embroider the QR Codes into a number of items and apparel as well.

This could open a number of opportunities as many companies have been increasing their QR Code usage.

When a piece of clothing is sent to the company a unique QR Code is embroidered onto it.

Each one of the barcodes are created precisely so they can be scanned successfully by various mobile devices.

The QR Codes are 6 sq cm for those without borders and 7 sq cm for those with a border.

The service will cost $65, which is more likely to be premium, but it might be justified, considering the custom nature of the service.

It is not the first time that QR Code have been worked into clothing, as there are many artists and fashion houses placing QR Codes using traditional methods or making them by hand.

This is the first company that creates QR Codes by using completely digitized and mechanical processes.

Source: youtube.com


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