Custom QR Codes

Do you like the QR codes on the right? Sure you do – they attract more attention than the usual plain square black and white ones. Pretty soon the world around us will get flooded with QR codes so there has to be a way yours to stand out – the custom QR codes are the way.

The custom QR codes can vary a lot – different shapes, varying colors and they can contain embedded logos or images. The custom QR codes are pieces of art that has serves a dual purpose – to be visually pleasing thus attract the attention and not less important – to provide the needed in formation when scanned. Thats correct – you can scan these codes as the normal ones.

How they are made

While by using some QR code generators you can change the colors of the code and even that by using ours you can change the shape of the blocks this still won’t produce this result. The Custom QR codes are called this way for a reason – they are hand drawn by a professional designer custom made for a specific brand of purpose.

Of course the basis of the custom QR code is produced by a generator but after that comes the designer. He may customize the shape, the colors, embed images and so on. You may wonder how is this possible – wouldn’t it damage the information? The QR codes have error correction. This allows them to remain readable even if they get partially dirty or damaged. This fact allows for large parts (up to a quarter) of the codes to be replaced by image/logo or otherwise distorted.

Want to have one?

In case you are looking to add a nice touch to your QR code campaign or just need to make it more attractive you may consider using the custom QR codes. Please fill our Custom QR Code Quote Form and we will get in touch with you.