Cloud-based technology and QR codes helps you find your bicycle

POSTED BY on Apr 18 under Mobile & Web News

In Victoria, Australia, the police gave their approval to MyBikeRego, a new cloud-based technology that will help the retrieval of stolen bicycles.

The membership fee is $30 AUD a year and provides the customers three QR codes that can be stuck to the bicycle. Each QR code is unique for every customer and it’s linked to a personalized profile, stored in a cloud, and contains details about the owner and the bicycle.

The product’s goal is to simplify the process of identification of the vehicle’s owner, all it takes to find out to whom belongs the bike is to scan the QR code with a smartphone.

The MyBikeRego profile can also store information about the blood type and contact information of a family member in case the bike owner is injured.

The QR code sticker is extremely difficult to remove and the only option the thief has is to burn it off or try to grind it off.

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