Cincinnati Park places QR Codes for visitors to learn more about the trees and flowers

POSTED BY on Oct 24 under QR Codes

The Cincinnati Park has launched a project at Krohn Conservatory and Ault Park that is making use of QR Codes.

Plenty of the park visitors are often asking questions about the plants they are seeing, so the Cincinnati Park Board joined Quip TV, a QR Code company.

On a walk around the park, people can scan the QR Codes and they will hear descriptions of the tree or flowers.

The videos are around 30 seconds and are describing the plant and if it will work in your own yard.

The responses are very good so far, but the trick is to keep up with the QR Codes as the plants are changing in the different seasons.

The tree collection at the park first received the QR Codes and then the old rose garden.


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