TapToLogin platfrom revealed by RD2Buzz

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

TapToLogin has revealed a new system that incorporates digital identity recognition for e-commerce websites and social networks. The platform can read electronic documents, such as NFC tags or e-passports and can authenticate access by using them. The system will be able to store proof of access as cryptographic hash functionality. The beta version of the [...]

McDonald’s to offer wireless charging

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under Mobile & Web News

McDonald’s is to adopt the Qi wireless charging technology which attaches a ring to the users device and when placed on the table where the Powerkiss pad is embedded customers will be able to charge their mobile device while enjoying their cheeseburger. At first the technology will be available in Europe only. Since it is [...]

T-Mobile using QR Codes to simplify payments in Czech Republic

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under QR Codes

T-Mobile announced the use of QR Codes in an effort to simplify the invoice payments. The payment can be completed with just one click with no need for additional identification. Users need a smartphone with the mobile banking application provided by their bank. The new feature is currently offered by Raiffeisen Bank and Komercni Banka. [...]

E-Ink Android smartphone revealed

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

If you are a fan of the Kindle Paperwhite, the Nook as well as the reading practice and surfing using an e-ink device, then you will be glad to hear that Taiwan’s E Ink has revealed an e-ink based Android smartphone. The smartphone includes all the functions that normal smartphones have, but it is much [...]

Microsoft updates 13 million sq km of Bing Maps

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

Microsoft has revealed that it has updated 13 million sq km of its Bing Maps imagery. With the update, the imagery is comprised of 15 meters per pixel, giving the images high resolution look. Users are now able to zoom in to the imagery up to 13 times, at which point further zooming will show [...]

WePay expands its mobile services to iOS

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under Mobile & Web News

WePay online payment service is expanding with the release of a native application for iOS that will allow businesses to charge credit cards. The startup was originally backed by Y Combinator and formed to make it easier for businesses to make payments and collect money, WePay however has become a more simple platform for managing [...]

Dutch company embroider QR Codes

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under QR Codes

LogoBourduurstudio, a Netherlands based company is making use of an embroidery machine controlled by a computer to produce cloth made up of QR Codes. This is making it possible to embroider the QR Codes into a number of items and apparel as well. This could open a number of opportunities as many companies have been [...]

Apple and the Major League Baseball to banish paper tickets

POSTED BY on Feb 27 under Mobile & Web News

Apple and the Major League Baseball’s quest to get rid of paper tickets has received a major boost after the League announced that thirteen stadiums will offer Apple’s Passbook integration for the new season. Seven teams including Minnesota Twins, Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers have signed up with another three to be announced very soon. [...]

Gainesville with QR Code project

POSTED BY on Feb 27 under QR Codes

Main Street Gainesville has launched a QR Code project this week, placing the code in 2 vacant buildings. Main Street is focused on economic development and the QR Code campaign is a tool to recruit businesses to Gainesville. The QR Code is linked to a website that includes additional information and statistics such as building [...]

Google is worried that it has created a monster

POSTED BY on Feb 26 under Mobile & Web News

The constant threat that Apple is in the mobile marketplace, Google now has to worry even about its most successful partner – Samsung. Google is fearing that Samsung might use its massive power to demand bigger shares of Google’s ad profits. Google provides the Android software for free but it shares search profits with handset [...]

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