WePay expands its mobile services to iOS

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under Mobile & Web News

WePay online payment service is expanding with the release of a native application for iOS that will allow businesses to charge credit cards. The startup was originally backed by Y Combinator and formed to make it easier for businesses to make payments and collect money, WePay however has become a more simple platform for managing [...]

Apple and the Major League Baseball to banish paper tickets

POSTED BY on Feb 27 under Mobile & Web News

Apple and the Major League Baseball’s quest to get rid of paper tickets has received a major boost after the League announced that thirteen stadiums will offer Apple’s Passbook integration for the new season. Seven teams including Minnesota Twins, Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers have signed up with another three to be announced very soon. [...]

Google is worried that it has created a monster

POSTED BY on Feb 26 under Mobile & Web News

The constant threat that Apple is in the mobile marketplace, Google now has to worry even about its most successful partner – Samsung. Google is fearing that Samsung might use its massive power to demand bigger shares of Google’s ad profits. Google provides the Android software for free but it shares search profits with handset [...]

Android overtakes iOS in the US again

POSTED BY on Feb 25 under Mobile & Web News

Android is back on the top position as the best selling operating system in the US. Apple’s iOS lead the market share with 53.3% for 3 months until October last year, when Apple and Android devices were at almost the same price. Not from October 2012 to January this year though, quite the opposite – [...]

Coles supermarket chain and MasterCard to trial a mobile payments app

POSTED BY on Feb 22 under Mobile & Web News

The Australian supermarket chain Coles has revealed its partnership with MasterCard to offer its customers a mobile payments application allowing them to make NFC payments. The trial will run for 3 months with Coles stating that the application will be available to the public by the end of 2013. Coles MasterCard users will be able [...]

LG releases Optimus G Pro

POSTED BY on Feb 20 under Mobile & Web News

LG has released its latest Optimus G Pro that will be on sale from this week in Korea. LG’s first full ND device has a 5.5” display, 1.7 GHz quad core processor Snapdragon 600, 2GB of DDR RAM, 13 MP camera and 32 GB expandable storage memory. The smartphone will also include a massive 3.140 [...]

Tablets to overtake PC shipments by the end of the year

POSTED BY on Feb 19 under Mobile & Web News

Tablet shipments are below PC sales but a report is forecasting that they will surpass PCs by the end of the year. Tablet shipments are about 60 million range, while PC sales are in the 80 million per quarter. According to the analysts, the tablet marketplace is very similar to the smartphone market – iOS [...]

The Coffee Bean and Samsung placing NFC stickers in Singapore

POSTED BY on Feb 12 under Mobile & Web News

The Coffee Bean and Samsung have placed NFC stickers in all 50 outlets in Singapore. The campaign will run until 7th of March and will reward Samsung users with an up sized drink for tapping the NFC poster that is linked to the Coffee Bean Facebook page and like it after it pops up. For [...]

Playboy magazine with augmented reality app

POSTED BY on Feb 11 under Mobile & Web News

Playboy has announced its partnership with Layar to introduce an AR app in order to provide the magazine a new high tech look. The print industry is struggling these days due to decrease in subscriptions and the increase of customers that prefer to read digital content. Playboy Netherlands has seen the trend and it is [...]

Amazon will allow people to sell their read e-books

POSTED BY on Feb 8 under Mobile & Web News

Amazon has recently been granted a patent that will allow people to sell their second hand e-books on its market. E-book do not suffer from tear and wear, so think of the resale as a way to transfer the book licenses. Currently users can lend an e-book, which will disappear from their device and the [...]

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