Galaxy SIV to feature NFC support

POSTED BY on Mar 12 under Mobile & Web News

There are rumors that the iPhone 5S will include NFC technology to catch up with the rival Android devices, who are using it for quite some time now. Latest rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy SIV will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor the Galaxy SIII. A leaked image of the battery of the [...]

The Galaxy SIV might be coping Sony’s float touch tech

POSTED BY on Mar 11 under Mobile & Web News

The upcoming Galaxy SIV will reportedly include a float touch display tech, which is a feature that appeared first on the Sony Xperia Sola. According to the latest rumors the Samsung device will include the the floating touch feature that will enable users to control the screen without even touching it. The floating touch display [...]

Microsoft seeks ban over Google Maps in Germany

POSTED BY on Mar 11 under Mobile & Web News

If you live in Germany and you rely on Google Maps, you probably might want to start looking for an alternative, as Microsoft is very close at getting a ban against the mapping application. A FOSS Patents report is revealing that it is likely that Microsoft will be obtaining a ban against Google Maps after [...]

Nokia backing Apple in the Apple/Samsung trial

POSTED BY on Mar 7 under Mobile & Web News

The Apple/Samsung patent trial continues but a new player has entered the dispute – Nokia made it clear that is taking Apple’s side. Apple’s request for a ban of twenty six Samsung smartphones and tablets in December was denied with the US court stating that Apple has to prove the relationship between the stolen features [...]

T-Mobile responds to AT&T’s offensive ads

POSTED BY on Mar 7 under Mobile & Web News

On Friday afternoon AT&T has published an ad in a newspaper bashing T-Mobile. The advertisement is saying that there are 50% slower download speeds, more than twice the dropped and failed calls in the T-Mobile network compared to AT&T’s. It has been only a few days since the ad was published in a number of [...]

The Galaxy SIV to include eye scrolling feature

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

Samsung’s Galaxy SIV to include eye scrolling feature, which will make it easier to read text hand free. The device is expected to launch in an event in New York on March 14th and will be able to sense eye placement on pages. When it tracks the movement of the eye at the bottom of [...]

TapToLogin platfrom revealed by RD2Buzz

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

TapToLogin has revealed a new system that incorporates digital identity recognition for e-commerce websites and social networks. The platform can read electronic documents, such as NFC tags or e-passports and can authenticate access by using them. The system will be able to store proof of access as cryptographic hash functionality. The beta version of the [...]

McDonald’s to offer wireless charging

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under Mobile & Web News

McDonald’s is to adopt the Qi wireless charging technology which attaches a ring to the users device and when placed on the table where the Powerkiss pad is embedded customers will be able to charge their mobile device while enjoying their cheeseburger. At first the technology will be available in Europe only. Since it is [...]

E-Ink Android smartphone revealed

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

If you are a fan of the Kindle Paperwhite, the Nook as well as the reading practice and surfing using an e-ink device, then you will be glad to hear that Taiwan’s E Ink has revealed an e-ink based Android smartphone. The smartphone includes all the functions that normal smartphones have, but it is much [...]

Microsoft updates 13 million sq km of Bing Maps

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

Microsoft has revealed that it has updated 13 million sq km of its Bing Maps imagery. With the update, the imagery is comprised of 15 meters per pixel, giving the images high resolution look. Users are now able to zoom in to the imagery up to 13 times, at which point further zooming will show [...]

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