QR Code tracking and URL shortening

POSTED BY on May 17 under AzonMobile

Often to avoid creating big and complex QR Codes (smaller are nicer and the ad space is expensive) you use URL shortening. Or you are using a tracking service which of course is replacing the URL of your site with the one of their tracking and redirection service. Surely this is good but does it [...]

How to print QR Codes

POSTED BY on May 17 under AzonMobile

In the case when you are going for a raster QR Code instead of a vector one you will need to know the minimum size of the image in pixels. The following article will help you to find this out – Printing QR Codes. There you will also find an answer to “How big my [...]

“3-Day for the Cure” raising awareness to fight breast cancer by using RFID system

POSTED BY on Aug 30 under AzonMobile

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure  3- Day walk is making use of a cloud based platform provided by Qnectus, which integrates RFID technology with social network websites to connect walkers and supporters of the event while raising awareness. The event is a 60 mile walk to raise awareness and funds to fight breast [...]

M1 joining Singtel and StarHub in Singapore to provide NFC services

POSTED BY on Aug 28 under AzonMobile

M1 joined Singtel and StarHub as the 3rd mobile operator in Singapore to provide NFC enabled SIM cards. M1′s 2 million subscribers can use their NFC devices equipped with M1′s NFC SIM card to make mobile payments at any EZ-Link or PayPass POS in Singapore. The company’s users will have the option to download 2 [...]

QR Codes to stay in shape

POSTED BY on Jul 19 under AzonMobile

The County Park and Recreation in 4S Ranch Sports Park are inviting people to the ribbon-cutting celebration for a QR Code Fit Trail platform, which will allow the visitors with mobile devices to scan the codes for video guides with exercises from a professional fitness instructor. The QR Fit Trail at the Ranch Sports Park [...]

Simon & Schuster including QR Codes to their bookcovers

POSTED BY on Jul 4 under AzonMobile

Simon & Schuster are including QR Codes to their bookcover to boost newsletter signups. By scanning the code, the customers will be directed to the author’s Simon & Schuster webpage, where they are encouraged to sign up for a newsletter, watch video interviews with the author, when available and browse author’s other publications. Although the [...]

Layar Creator to turn printed pages into a digital portal

POSTED BY on Jun 7 under AzonMobile

One of the best companies in the augmented reality system for tablets and smartphones, Layar, is setting its sights on empowering an inactive technology with AR – print. The web-based Layar Creator application turns printed pages into digital portal. The main idea is to make the content of print magazines interactive.   The application is [...]

iPhone 5 to include an NFC chip

POSTED BY on May 21 under AzonMobile

International Business Times has shown a report which states that the next Apple iPhone (known in the press as the iPhone 5) will include an NFC chip, the same that Google is using for its Google Wallet app on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Any smartphone with the NFC chip can be used to pay for [...]

PizzaExpress added Virtual Chef’s Table service

POSTED BY on May 11 under AzonMobile

UK restaurant chain PizzaExpress added QR Codes to accompany the two new pizzas in the menu prepared by the TV chef Valentine Warner. After ordering the pizzas, consumers are encouraged to scan the QR Codes with a mobile device such as smartphone or a tablet in order to reveal a video of Warner preparing the [...]

AzonMobile tracking system updated – COPPA compliance

POSTED BY on Apr 7 under AzonMobile, Mobile & Web News

Today AzonMobile updated the QR Code Tracking system to allow for reduced data collection for certain QR Codes. In case your QR codes will be scanned by children you may want not to collect all the data and limit the available statistics in order to comply with COPPA or similar laws. In the QR Code [...]

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