Canadian growers includes QR Codes on the packaging of their products

POSTED BY on May 7 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

Tender fruits growers in a Canadian province will include QR Codes in their packaging and so provide more information about the purchased products.

The Marketing Board of Ontario Tender Fruit Producers announced a new mobile-friendly website accessible through QR Code or via URL.

Growers are now able to use the QR Code on their packaging materials and mobile marketing.

The labels usually don’t have much space for the growers to provide information about the growing process, use and how to store the product properly, so the QR Codes and the mobile website is the best solution.

The customers will get immediate access to a wealth of content and information by simply scanning the code.

That technology is not used for the first time, Chiquita and Del Monde have already launched stickers placed on bananas to give customers the chance to learn about the product they are buying and how to use them.

From the Ontario Marketing Board said that they want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access the information no matter if they are on the go or in the grocery store.

The QR Codes are available for plums, cherries, peaches, grapes, nectarines and also include different recipes for every fruit.




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