Bruce Willis to sue Apple?

POSTED BY on Sep 4 under Mobile & Web News

Apparently Bruce Willis is considering to fill a lawsuit against Apple, because of Apple’s terms which are basically saying that if he dies, his iTunes music collection will die with him.

According to Daily Mail, Bruce Willis is to start talking with his lawyers about the Apple’s terms and conditions, which say that users are only borrowing the music and not actually buying and owning it.

Willis is keen to leave his digital music collection to his daughters and the only option will be to put the music into some sort of an external carrier and the other is to copy it to CDs.

The actor has spent a lot of money downloading music but was surprised to discover that he actually do not own the tracks and it is considering legal action to gain control over his music collection.

If you buy a book, for example, you own the copy of it, not the actual material.

The iTunes terms and conditions are a contract between Apple and the user and “agreeing” with the terms counts as an electronic signature.


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