AzonMobile tracking system updated – COPPA compliance

POSTED BY on Apr 7 under AzonMobile, Mobile & Web News

Today AzonMobile updated the QR Code Tracking system to allow for reduced data collection for certain QR Codes. In case your QR codes will be scanned by children you may want not to collect all the data and limit the available statistics in order to comply with COPPA or similar laws. In the QR Code Generator in we have introduced a switch that when enabled will allow only for date & time of the scans to be tracked and use a cookie to identify a returning visitor. By using this switch and not enabling the Geolocation tracking (which is optional and disabled by default) you can reduce the tracked data to the bare minimum.

With the “Track date/time only” switch is enabled the device model, make, browser & OS as well the IP are not saved. As the IP is not saved no information for the country and city is retrieved. This completely eliminates any information that may provide person identification.

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