Are you oversharing in social media?

POSTED BY on Dec 18 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report has revealed that many people are feeling guilty when providing too much information on social media websites.

The report also shows that 1/3 of users over 18 years wish they had kept their personal, biographical details and photographs to themselves.

Over ½ of the questioned stated that there are plenty of people following them on the social media website who they would not share personal information knowingly with.

Oversharers have been embarrassed after posting photographs posing in little clothing, drunken images or using bad language.

One in ten of the questioned have had a conversation with their bosses after moaning about their work. One in twenty have missed a job because the employer was not impressed with their online photographs.

The research shows that average person uses the social media a few times a day, sharing plenty of personal information.

However, despite sharing plenty of info online, 44% people are still confident that their details and information are safe.



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