AR technology to arrive in the browser

POSTED BY on May 17 under Mobile & Web News

Augmented reality is escaping applications and is set to appear in the browser, as announced by Wikitude who have presented a new version of its augmented reality technology.

The Wikitude’s AR Window provides access to website developers to the camera on a tablet or a smartphone and displays a view from it, completed with real-time information, something that required separate downloads previously.

AR applications are gaining popularity, with different systems from Qualcomm, Wikitide and other companies competing to power the marketplace, but so far each system required its own application.

The Wikitude’s AR Window uses the mobile device’s sensors and camera and knows exactly where the user is, inserting new information according to when and what they are facing.

The AR Window is available for iOS and Android, free of charge for non-commercial products.

Significant advantage is that developers may no longer need to code every different application for other platforms, they only have to create one mobile webpage.


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