Apple’s latest commercials alienated almost everyone

POSTED BY on Jul 30 under Mobile & Web News

Apple’s latest commercials have managed to alienate almost everyone by portraying its customers as people who can’t do anything without help from one of Apple’s geniuses and showing its users buying whatever they are told to.
Generally, Apple’s marketing campaigns are the best in the world, but the company always had troubles in portraying their users in its advertisements.
One of the ads is showing a man waking up an Apple employee in the middle of the night because his wife is having a baby and he wants to record the event.
The ads are also damaging Apple’s “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad “ image, which trades the idea that everything  just works and anyone can work with it. In the ads the users need to contact an Apple employee to make everything work.
The adverts obviously are not targeting existing Mac users, but the tech unsavvy, who are edging towards rival hardware.

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