Apple will seek a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S III

POSTED BY on Sep 3 under Mobile & Web News

Apple is looking to hit Samsung where it will hurt the most – it will seek a ban over the Galaxy Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S III smartphones.

Apple’s latest filing is related to a case dating back to February 2012.

To date, Apple has claimed that over 15 Samsung devices are infringing their patents.

Apple added 4 more devices to the list of Samsung products that wants to be banned, including the Galaxy Note and Samsung’s flagship device – Galaxy S III.

Other devices that Apple wants to ban include that Galaxy Tab tablet, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II.

Apple’s filing states that Samsung has copied Apple’s products, designs, features and innovations systematically and has flooded the market with devices that are violating Apple’s patents in an effort to usurp market share.

The statement reads that instead of pursuing independent development, Samsung has copied Apple’s elegant and innovative user interface, technology and design in violation of the company’s intellectual rights.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for the 20th of September.

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