Apple has granted patent for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays”

POSTED BY on Jul 6 under Mobile & Web News

The most expected piece of technology of 2013 is certainly the Google Glass, which is Google’s chance in the AR space.

However, Google is not the only technology giant that got its eye on the AR tech.

Apple is also heading to the technology – the patent they granted for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” is an indication for that.


However, the patent is not particularly about developing a product to compete with the Google Glass, it is about creating a method of projecting an image.


The patent cites for AR as a possibility for the new technology, stating that it can be used to view an image overlayed upon a real view.

As Apple gained the patent, does not mean that the company is necessarily develop a rival to the Google Glass.

However, this is a signal for Google that Apple will be right by their side.


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