Apple and TomTom to fix Apple Maps

POSTED BY on Nov 28 under Mobile & Web News

Apple Maps was a huge disaster since it was released and is still standing as the most disappointing Apple feature.

Apple Maps has revealed secret military bases and the Mapping team leader Richard Williamson was fired. However it is not officially announced.

iTunes’ leader Eddy Cue is speculated to take over Apple Maps to solve the data errors and other problems that users have reported.

Apple is also stated to be teaming with TomTom to correct the issues.

Despite the issues around Apple Maps, users still seem to buy the new iPhone, even though it is at that time is it impossible to say if the Mapping issues will cost a lost of business opportunities.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, had to apologize to the people after the Apple Maps turn out to be useless.

To fix the errors will cost Apple way more than it originally planned when deciding to develop its own mapping app.

Right now Apple must pay TomTom for their platform and knowledge and also will have to hire thousands to check the data, just like others do.

There is no quick fix for Apple Maps, but money will speed up the process.


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