Another Chinese company is suing Apple

POSTED BY on Jul 6 under Mobile & Web News

Apple is a target of another lawsuit in China, this time because of Siri.

The Shanghai company Zhi Zhen Internet Technology is stating that Apple is violating its patent that involves its personal assistant.

Zhi Zhen Internet Technology has developed a software named “Xiao i Robot” which can answer questions, holding a conversation and is communicating through voice.

The company applied for the patent in 2004 and granted it in 2006.

The software is used by 100 million users and it is available for Windows Live Messenger, iOS and Android – China Mobile, China Telecom and major banks in the country are also using it.

Siri is available in China from the beginning of the year, when the 4S was launched.

Zhi Zhen Internet Technology has contacted Apple in May, stating that they are violating its patent and in June, the company filed a lawsuit in a Shanghai court against Apple.

Zhi Zhen are stating that their only demand is Apple to stop infringing its patent.


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