Android alarm app to help you get out of bed

POSTED BY on Apr 25 under QR Codes

These days many people find it hard to wake up in the morning, but a new application for Android that uses QR Codes or any barcode in the house, will make the owner to get up and scan the code in order to shut off the alarm.

Nowadays it is normal to hear that even alarm clocks are not enough to wake up a heavy sleeper and often the alarm clock is being shut off and the owner goes back to sleep.

There have been many techniques used to overcome the problem, like forcing the owner to get out of the bed in order to shut the alarm on the other side of the room, but actually these techniques work unpredictably if they work at all.

The Morning Routine app requires the user to scan a specific barcode in order to turn off the sound of the alarm.

The user can integrate a preferred radio station or a social media that can help the owner to start the day.

The users can scan any barcode – on the toothpaste tube, the coffee can or the shampoo bottle and once scanned the owners can visit a news website, Facebook account or whatever can help them to start the day easily.

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