Amazon will allow people to sell their read e-books

POSTED BY on Feb 8 under Mobile & Web News

Amazon has recently been granted a patent that will allow people to sell their second hand e-books on its market.

E-book do not suffer from tear and wear, so think of the resale as a way to transfer the book licenses.

Currently users can lend an e-book, which will disappear from their device and the copy will appear on their friend’s reader.

An Amazon patent from 2009 is using a different way of reselling, where an Amazon book copy is downloaded to the new device and the other one is deleted from the original library.

There is also another service named ReDigi, that is using a different method of reselling – the user’s copy is moved to the servers of ReDigi before it is downloaded to another device.

This means that the e-book is not copied and only originals are moving around.

Amazon’s new patent is indicating that the company wants the rights not just on your product but their afterlife, which is not good news for other resellers.



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