A town in Wales to become the first Wikipedia town

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On May 19, the town of Monmouth in Wales has become the world’s first Wikipedia Town and you’ll need your smartphone to see why.

The process of wiring the entire town took 6 months and the town had to achieve a town-wide free Wi-Fi, the first of its kind so that the citizens and tourists could access the Internet easily.

The process required the acceptance of QRpedia technology and a lot of stickers, signs and plaques to help people interact with the QR Codes.

The codes are stuck on landmarks and buildings and as the guests read the codes with their smartphone of other mobile device they are redirected to Wikipedia pages in their language.

Wiki volunteers wrote more than 450 articles in over 25 languages and that makes the program accessible to people from all over the world who wants to explore the town.

There are over 1,100 QR Codes on important buildings, shops and schools across the town, according to Wikipedia.

To promote the program in the society, there was a festival to mark the start of the campaign where people can learn how to edit Wikipedia’s articles and add details of their own at drop-in-centers at the Monmouth Museum and the library.

There are already Blue Plaques in the UK that mark the homes of historical figures and now visitors can explore the local knowledge and historical details on their own.


Source: http://www.latimes.com

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