94% of the users recognize QR Codes

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An interesting research from PRS among 1,500 US users, has revealed that 94% of them recognize QR Codes.

The survey reveals that 54% of customers own a smartphone, 76% use them to shop and almost half of those who use their mobile devices to shop use them to compare and check prices, read reviews and find promotions.

The most common category to shop with mobile devices are Consumer Packaged Goods with 57%, Clothing with 54% and the most common is Electronics with 64%.

57% of customers are aware of what a QR Code is but 94% recognize them and 44% of those who use a mobile device while shopping have used a QR Code.

The fact that such a large percentage of people do recognize a QR Code but only 54% are aware of them is a little confusing, but it might be explained with the fact that the QR Codes are rarely labeled as QR Codes.

Source: blogs.commons.georgetown.edu


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